We’ve had many happy attendees over the years, here are a select few messages we’ve recieved

Beginning Fell Running

“It felt like a day of play and confidence building, of being in a wild and beautiful place, of feeling encouraged, informed and inspired.” Karen

“Lovely day. Really enjoyed the structure and welcomed your inclusivity… beautifully facilitated” Thangam

“I was full of trepidation about coming on this day – didn’t think I was good enough. You had exactly the right balance between nurturing us and encouraging us to be better and creating self-belief. I am absolutely buzzing!” Pi

“The hardest part was actually leaving the house and I very nearly didn’t in all honesty. In my head I was going to be surrounded by young super fit runners and I’d be last, holding everyone up and struggling.  What I actually found was a group not so dissimilar to myself in terms of experience and ability and a big, inclusive welcome from Ruth. Brilliant day. Thank you.” Tracey

 “The sheer joy of learning to run downhill in a gorgeous landscape simply cannot be emphasised enough for me.” Beth

One-day Running Courses

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for a truly amazing day. It was so inspiring and thought provoking and has got my mind buzzing. I have been thinking non-stop about my internal narrative, and how this has affected my running. I will be recommending your course to anyone who stands still long enough to hear me wax lyrical!”  Lizzie W.

“Really enjoyed today – fascinated by the talk on resilience … made me think about how a runner behaves. All presentations were superb” Dee


“Absolutely amazing walks. Loved all your input and nature talkie bits.” Ettie

” I find myself still thinking about the wonderful scenery and good company. I had my courage muscle as well as those in my legs awakened! Looking forward to the next excursion with Ruth!” R.

“Wow – what a wonderful weekend.  So many interesting added extras of information and care of the sort that restores your faith in the loveliness of life.” Alex 

“The most brilliant, interesting, restorative weekend – on so many levels it was way more than I thought I’d be getting.” Chloe

“There were so many interesting added extras of information and care on this weekend.” Antonia

Italy Apuan Alps

“Simply a wonderful trip Ruth” Pete

“I loved Ruth’s approach to going for a walk being an adventure and an experience which evolves. Her fluent Italian and local knowledge meant seeing things we’d have missed and really getting an insight into Italy and some unknown and magical locations” Louise

“Even though it is a month since our return from our adventure I find myself thinking about the wonderful scenery and good company. I had my courage muscle as well as those in my legs awakened! All you would expect from a mountain walking holiday.  Looking forward to the next excursion with Ruth!” Rob

“Lots of thought, planning and preparation had gone into this trip. I could never have found and pieced together these routes and the accommodation. A really special insight into a lesser-known part of Tuscany. Highly recommend a Ruth trip!” David

Mountain Biking

“I can’t tell you how wonderful this weekend was. It has stirred my sense of adventure and it has awoken my self-belief. What magic you have mustered.” Liz

“Thank you for your attention to detail – nice T-bags were noted to name one of a few things.  Cold beers in the fridge also great touch, great value for £ – not often I get to say that! Perfect balance of friendliness and professionalism.” Storme

“I loved the way you stressed paying attention to where we were, to the landscapes and the other living beings that live there – rather than just treating the habitats we were riding through as a sort of green gym for our personal development purposes – this really enhanced the rides for me.” Kate

“After the skills session I managed to get my confidence and I loved the positive approach you had. The one-to-one feedback as well as the group feedback really helped me. Having finished our beautiful and challenging ride on Sunday gave me a great sense of achievement.” Marjan

“As someone who is a very inexperienced mountain biker with a lot of anxiety because of previous falls, I truly enjoyed the weekend. I have gained so much confidence and new skills – this has allowed me to understand my current limits and also how to improve. Knowing I now have control has really made the difference. I think the ’safe space’ and support, knowing there was no judgment and an amazing community of support and encouragement made all the different.” Natasha

Fell Running & Yoga

“I loved the stress on positivity and doing what works for you.  You really included all abilities. The yoga was excellent and I didn’t feel wrong or a failure at any point.” Carrie

 “Food was brilliant – deserves a page of feedback in its own right!” Vicky

 “I really enjoyed the fact that this was women only!” Linda

 “I really get how yoga can complement my running – I’m definitely going to continue.” Helen

“I absolutely loved the balance in this weekend. Nature, running, navigation and yoga. Mind and body. Pre-info was spot on. Team was warm, patient and full of great advice.”  Jo

“Great for mixed ability – you’ve really thought this through. I simply had an amazing time.” Liz

 “I have learned so much this weekend – about myself, the hills and my body. The yoga was superb and I realise how well this can complement my training now.” Pen


Tailor Your Weekend

If you have a group of friends and you’d like us to organise a day or weekend of adventure for you get in touch and let us take the strain of organisation: restorative weekends, fell or trail running, walking, guided nature walks, map reading, woodland meditation, mountain biking are all possible with lots more – or any combination! Accommodation and catering are arranged to suit your budget.