Newsletter December 2019

I am having a bit of a ‘phew’ moment having just finished the last Element event of 2019.

I’m still wrapping up odds and ends from the Trail Race and trying to store all my ‘Caution Runners’ signs – I think I have enough of them to organise the London Marathon!

The Trail Race is always my biggest organisational event. We had total glory weather AGAIN – three years on the trot now. I keep thinking the odds are running out … and then they don’t.

2020’s race will be on Sunday, October 25th.

Loved it. Thank you! There was a fantastic spirit amongst runners; I really got the sense you draw the nicest crowd out.” Deb

Time for planning for 2020 and I’m already looking forward to the ‘sap rising’ after one of the wettest autumns I can remember.

I think we’re all getting conscious of ‘less stuff’ and more experience. A reminder as we approach Christmas that we do gift vouchers for any amount. These can be used against ANY Element event. If this fits for you, take a look at the website and just email or phone me.

This year has been about getting a balance of events: creative workshops and outdoor experiences both come under the Element ‘umbrella’. They are connected via a spirit of curiosity and exploration and I was keen to broaden the canvass of what I was offering in this direction. It seems to have worked wonderfully and I’ll be repeating the format next year.

I loved being guided, treated, informed. Loved sharing, hearing, engaging.. Loved the space, time and beautiful location.” Jan

Next year I’ll be hosting a Saturday one-day ‘Explore More’ creative workshop in April at the gorgeous Llwyn Celyn. This is a great opportunity to ‘dip a toe in’ with two workshops – lots of ideas, laughter and food for thought.
You could make a Black Mountains weekend of it and walk, explore or run on the Sunday.

There’ll also be a ‘Creative Connections Weekend’ in October at Llwyn Celyn where we explore in more depth through writing, discussion, art and photography. The theme for this is exploration will be based around ‘boundaries and the line’.

You do not have to have any creative genius AT ALL to participate in these workshops – it’s far more about process and ideas than ‘finished product’.

I feel very grateful to have been a part of this very special weekend” B.

It felt like a day of play and confidence building, of being in a wild and beautiful place, of feeling encouraged, informed and inspired.” Karen

We reached the dizzy heights of having a Guardian journalist come to cover the Beginning Fell Running Day For Women in October – the feature will run at the end of January and Ellie Ross was absolutely delightful to have along. This day is about so much more than simply running and I think it’s the only course of its kind in the UK. We have four of these days scheduled for 2020 so do pass on to your friends and club mates.

Absolutely brilliant weekend, great company, beautiful scenery- we certainly saw Wales in all its glory -great accommodation and pub grub and I have learnt so much from Ruth” Sarah

Into The Mountains Weekend” was a new venture this year – it was about getting out for some longer days into some mountain terrain. There was also wild swimming, massages and an evening in the pub afterwards.  We couldn’t have had more contrasting days – heat, blue skies and open water swimming on the Saturday and then cold, mist and rain on the Sunday. A real and resounding success – I’m repeating the weekend with different activities on August 1st and 2nd 2020. Feel free to re-book if you came last time as we’ll be doing completely different routes and experiences.

My big new trip for 2020 is a week of walking in the Italian Alps at the beginning of September.

It was Skyrunning that took me originally to this area of NW Italy and I have returned to it repeatedly over the years to walk.

High alpine pastures, peaks and passes with the backdrop of the iconic Monte Rosa. The trip is 6 days of guided walking incorporating some of the finest alpine scenery on offer. The small town of Alagna Valseisia is our base for the week. It’s the highest National Park in Europe and the town is a UNESCO World Heritage site with its beautiful indigenous Walser architecture. This is a trip for people who are used to and can enjoy walking on consecutive days – if you’re interested, please read the website and drop me an email. We have 5 bookings already

I’m looking forward to a break during some of January and February when I don’t organise any Element events – I might even get round to changing the bathroom light bulb which went 4 weeks ago.

Part of the ‘break’ will be about getting back to some writing. It’s always hard re-opening that door amidst a busy life and it demands considerable discipline. But as I say on my fell running courses, “getting out of the door is often the hardest thing about going for a run” – especially when there’s always that nagging bathroom light bulb to change.

Details of all events for 2020 can be found on the website:

Don’t hesitate to email me if you have any questions about any event.
Wishing you all well through the winter and I really look forward to seeing many of you next year.


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