About Us

At Element, we’re all about ‘getting out of the door’ literally and metaphorically – and seeing what happens when we open that door.


We provide intelligent and informed weekends and courses: from tutored guided walks to trail and fell runs in stunning landscape. We offer wellbeing weekends and environmentally focused input. A unique blend of exploration for individuals of all backgrounds and fitness levels.

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We can tailor a weekend to your own group, curate activities, accommodation and catering for you. We offer a flexible choice for you to create your weekend – walking, running, mountain biking, yoga, meditation, massage and more. Various levels of accommodation, catered or self-catered.

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Beyond the physical benefits, one of the most important aspects of our weekends are the connections that are created between participants. Interesting discussion, connection, sharing experiences and creating friendships lie at the heart of what we do.

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We’re about exploring what’s possible and reflecting on what’s taken place. Sometimes it might be about navigating to the top of a mountain or learning to run downhill, at other times, it might be much more important what we see and learn along the way talking about mixed woodland or a farmed landscape.

In a world of increasing fragmentation and disconnection, we think that connecting people, having interesting conversations as well as being curious to learn about ourselves and the natural world is vital. And we hold it all lightly because enjoyment and shared laughter are also important.

Feedback from our attendees

“I can’t tell you how wonderful this weekend was. It has stirred my sense of adventure and it has awoken my self-belief. What magic you have mustered”

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for a truly amazing day. It was so inspiring and thought provoking and has got my mind buzzing. I have been thinking non-stop about my internal narrative, and how this has affected my running. I will be recommending your course to anyone who stands still long enough to hear me wax lyrical!”

“I was full of trepidation about coming on this day – didn’t think I was good enough. You had exactly the right balance between nurturing us and encouraging us to be better and creating self-belief. I am absolutely buzzing!”